Lender Approval and Removal

Since all pools on the Huma protocol are permissioned, all lenders must get approval to join a pool. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Pass the Know Your Customer (KYC)/Know Your Business (KYB) checks. This step is handled by Securitize.

  2. Secure investor accreditation/qualification if required in your country/region of residence. This step is also handled by Securitize.

  3. Sign legal documents specified by the Pool Owner, like the investor questionnaire and lender agreement. The exact documents you need to sign can vary based on the pool you're joining.

  4. Get approval from the Pool Owner or Pool Operators.

Pool Operators have the discretion to remove a lender. If removed, the lender can no longer supply additional liquidity to the pool. However, the lender’s existing funds will stay in the pool, continuing to generate yield, and can be requested to redeem at any time.

For a detailed walkthrough of the process, refer to the Step-by-step Guides section.

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